Grangetown Chippy

Fish & Chips Pizza

53 Birchington Avenue, Middlesbrough, TS6 7HX

Delivery from Fri 12:45

Note: In compliance with food labelling regulation - EC1169/2011 customers are advised to lel our stiff know if any food may cause an allergic reaction prior to ordering, if you would like to know the list of ingredients in a particular dish from our menu, please ask a member of staff.

Southern fried chicken served in a box

All burgers are served in a bun with chips & salad

Drinks & Sauce

Served in a box with chips & drink 200ml

11.30 Am until 2.30 pm

Freshly made to order

All pizzas have a cheese and tomato base

Folded pizza

Served with chips or salad & any sauce

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