Ha Noi Pho

Vietnamese Oriental

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Note: Alcohol is not for sale to under 18s. Proof of age is required on delivery or collection of all orders which include alcohol

Served with special sweet chilli sauce

3 grilled skews served with satay sauce

Contain Roasted Cashew nut, Crispy Shallots, Herbs

The flavours of lemongrass, pineapple, chilli, coconut milk and tomatoes


Served with Jasmine rice

Traditional Vietnamese soup that consisting of rice noodle, broth (veal bone-oxtail-boiler chicken simmer with ginger, onion and spices for at least 8 hours). Served with spring onion, beansprout and herbs.

Spicy Vermicelli Soup from the Old Imperial City, distinctively unique taste of beef broth with lemongrass and spiciness, rich and colourful chilli oil shrimp paste

Wok fried egg noodles with vegetables, spring onion, bean sprouts and oyster sauce, topped with roasted peanuts, shallots

Wok fried Rice noodles with vegetables, spring onion, sweet chilli, bean sprouts and oyster sauce, topped with

Roasted peanuts, shallots

The most popular cold dish of Vietnamese street food, served with fresh herbs, lettuce salad, cucumber and Vietnamese pickles with fried shallots and crushed peanuts added

Rice Noodles Salad mixed with a savoury and slightly sweet & sour minced pork, cucumber, bean sprouts, herbs and our special meaty sauce, topped with roasted peanuts and shallots

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