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Note: Please note: All the sandwiches in our menu are served in a bun (unless stated otherwise).

Items do NOT come with chips unless stated otherwise. Please make sure you select the portion of chips that you require.

Adults need around 2000 kcal a day. Equal to 8400 kJ.

We aim to bring back those amazing memories we all had in those good old days. There's nothing like being a kid again, walking back home from school and heading into a sweet shop to buy your favourite snack. Kids nowadays don't know the true meaning of 'having fun' without tech. So we're here to help you show them how it was really done.

Items do not come with Chips. If you would like chips, please select your desired portion which can be found in the next section where it says 'chips'

We only provide a sachet of salt or/and vinegar. If you would like onion vinegar, there is a pot or a bottle of vinegar you can buy.

Items DO NOT come with Chips UNLESS stated otherwise

Items DO NOT come with chips

Items DO NOT come with Chips

Please comment if you would any items removed from sandwiches

Include sauce

NO salad will be provided to Avoid customer complaint

Extras are available

Each meal come with 1 Children drink & 1 sachet of sauce of their choice

Please double check items description for allergies

These are chocolate bars. If I'd like them battered please check our new 'battered chocolate' section (to make it easier to see our range)

Welcome to our range of Battered Chocolate.

So we can make our menu more easier for you to navigate through our menu, here you will find all our items to do with 'sauce'

Please check items description for allergy

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