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Note: Ingredients of our dishes may contain nuts, egg, wheat flour

Please let us know if you have any food allergies by writing in the comment box next page

All dishes do not include rice or chips except English & European dishes, one tray meal & kids special dishes D19 & D20

Kid's Special Dishes

Chilli Hot & Sour Sauce Dish

A "home-made" strong & distinctive spicy sauce cooked with crunchy vegetables to create a delicious meal

Cantonese Fruity Sauce Dishes

This "home-made" sauce in fruity & appealing to many food lovers; it is cooked with fresh vegetables

This dish consists of a rich, hot & spicy flavour, cooked with mixed vegetables

Kung Po Sauce Dishes

This dish contains its own distinctive slightly sweet & spicy taste, cooked with crunchy vegetables & cashew nuts

This dish consists of a traditional sauce prepared from fermented black beans to create a delicious meal; it contains green pepper, onion & carrot

Black pepper is a hot spice used to create a hot spicy meal; cooked with green pepper, mushroom, carrot, onion & cucumber in "home-made" sauce

The ingredients consist of peanut butter, green pepper & onion

The ingredients include oriental spices, curry powder, wheat flour, cooked with onion, mushroom

This dish cooked with bamboo shoots, water chestnuts, carrot & onion, cucumber & mushroom

This dish contains red curry with coconut cream OR green curry with coconut cream; cooked with fresh mixed vegetables (mushroom, carrot & bamboo shoot)

This dish contains mushroom, onion, spring onion & garlic to create a delicious dish

Mixed Vegetables (Chop Suey) Dishes

Cooked with fresh vegetables in sauce

Cooked with ginger, spring onion & garlic to create a distinctive lovely dish

Cooked with fresh vegetables, served with cashew nuts

This dish contains onion, spring onion, sliced mushroom & beansprouts blended together in fresh egg to create a lovely meal

Chow Mein Dishes (Fried Noodles)

Chow mein literally means fried noodles. This dish is prepared with beansprouts, onion, spring onion & meat of choice cooked with noodles in oyster sauce

Spicy Chow Mein (Fried Noodles) Dishes in a Choice of Sauce

a. Curry laksa flavour (nuts) (hot/spicy)

b. Shanghai style (creamy gravy & soy sauce)

c. Thai style in tom yum flavour (hot/spicy)

d. Malaysian style sauce (satay sauce & chilli powder) (nuts) (very hot/spicy)

e. Udon noodle (Japanese thick noodles) in oyster sauce

The fried rice dish contains eggs, peas, a sprinkle of spring onions with the chosen meat

English & European Dishes

Includes chips: 20p extra changes to boiled rice, 30p extra changes to egg fried rice, 50p extra changes to chow mein

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