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Note: All dishes do not include rice or chips

All photos are for illustration only

Dishes not listed in this menu are available on request

We cannot guarantee that any dish will be completely allergen-free.

Most of our dishes contain Sesame Oil, Oyster Sauce & Soy Sauce

If you are allergic to Nuts or Seafood or any ingredients etc., Please advise us before placing order.

Please be advised that due to the risk of cross contamination, we cannot be sure that our food is free from all allergens.




All Contain Coconut Milk


Contain Coconut Milk



King prawn, chicken, beef & roast pork

You can choose any sauce or cooking style from this menu to cook with

Dry fried

Crispy noodle instead add 90p extra

Soft noodle instead add £1.50 extra

All Contain Egg

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