Indian Kebab

297 Barnsley Road Cudworth, Barnsley, S72 8SY

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If you have any food allergies, please ask a member of staff for more information regarding allergies

Try our new & improved wraps served with salad & chilli sauce

All meals are come with chips & a can of soft drink.

Served with cheese 50p extra available on the next page

All meals include chips & drink

Freshly prepared daily

Served with chips & drink

Served with fresh salad & mint sauce

Served in small container

Marinated in spices & cooked in clay oven, served with pilau rice & salad

All served with fresh salad & chips

Go large for £1.70

Basmati rice flavoured with herbs & spices, garnished with fresh salad. Served with vegetable curry sauce

Flamed grilled burgers pure beef burgers grilled to perfection

All served with chips & freshly cut salad upon request

Add cheese sliced for 30p

Add cheese on chips for £1.50

Add hash brown for 55p

All burgers served in a soft bun, served with mayo, chips & lettuce

Add cheese sliced for 30p

Add cheese on chips for 85p

Add hash brown for 55p

Seasoned donner freshly cut with salad, chilli or garlic sauce

Chicken tikka cooked to perfection & marinated overnight, cooked throughout the day for a mouth watering dish. Served with salad, chilli or garlic sauce.

Upgrade your naan to garlic or cheese naan for 75p

Haseeb's New Additions

Served with onions and fresh salad

All served with boiled rice, chips or plain naan

Pilau rice is 50p extra

All our pizza are made to our unique recipe using mozzarella, our own pizza sauce. Italian herbs & the freshest ingredients

Extra toppings are available

Folded pizza

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