Hasinas Balti House

Curry Kebab Halal

350 Meadowhead, Sheffield, S8 7UJ

Delivery from 17:55

Note: Allergy Warning

Some dishes may contain:

Nuts, soys, mustard, lupin, eggs, fish, shellfish, gluten sesame seed, celery, sulphur dioxide

If you have any allergies, please let us know in advance

All pizzas are prepared with home made fresh dough, napoli pizza sauce, mozzarella, analog pizza, cheese and italian herbs

Served with salad and mint sauce

Basmati rice with plain sauce

Other sauce will be charged

Chef's Special Home Style - Spicy

Ask for salad and sauce

Served with chips

Cooked in medium sauce

Fairly hot sauce

Cooked with very hot sauce

Medium sauce with tomatoes and fried onions

Medium sauce with peppers, onions, tomatoes and balti spices

Mild sauce, coconut and cream

Medium sauce with tomatoes, peppers, onions and boiled egg

Medium sauce with tomatoes, peppers, onions and spices

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