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Curry Kebab Halal

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Note: Food items listed in this menu may contain nuts or allergens. For full allergy info please contact us before ordering and we will be happy to help.

Marinated overnight in yoghurt & garlic, enchanted with Indian spicces and barbecued in tandoori oven to perfection & served with green salad

Very mild and creamy with coconut, almonds & Indian butter

Marinated in a specially prepaed saucec, barbecued in a tandoori oven, then cooked in a very rich sauce with fresh cream, almonds and Indian butter

Curry/Bhuna/Rogan/Dupiaza (Please state)

If you want any of our chicken or lamb dishes prepared as a 'Tikka' please add £1.00 to normal price.

Fairly hot dishes prepared with herbs & spices

Sweet, sour and hot, thickened with lentils

A dish prepared with a special blend of herbs and spices (very hot)

All balti dishes are individually prepared with fresh ingredients of thoroughly blended mix-tures of authentic herbs & spices.

Dishes are stir fried & cooked

Chef's Special Dishes

Fried with pilau rice & garnished with spice, served with cucumber raitha

Vegetable Side Dishes

Only fresh vegetables are used

Southern Fried Chicken

Any burger with cheese: 20p Extra

Tower up any burger: 50p Extra

Normal, Medium or X-Hot

Go Large! Add £1.50 to normal price

Go large! Add £1.00 to normal price

Kebab Rolls & Wraps

Add cheese for £1 extra

All Meal Deals come with Chips & Pepsi, Rubicon Drinks 20p extra!

Cheese! 50p extra

Grill Tandoori Chicken

All Kids Meals come with Chips & Capri-Sun

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