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Our House Special is a signature creation that encapsulates the essence of our unique blend of tea artistry. Featuring a carefully curated selection of our finest ingredients, this collection offers an unforgettable taste experience.

This exquisite blend features a handpicked selection of ripe, juicy fruits, steeped in premium tea leaves for a luxurious infusion. Each sip delivers a burst of freshness, elegantly balanced with subtle floral notes.

Savor the harmony of rich, creamy lattes and aromatic teas in our Fresh Tea Latte selection. Each cup is a velvety smooth escape, made with the finest tea leaves and fresh milk. Perfect for a cozy pick-me-up! Includes one free topping.

Refresh your senses with our Fruit Tea collection! Each cup is a vibrant journey, crafted with high-quality tea leaves to create a symphony of flavours. From the tangy burst of citrus to the sweet blush of berries. Includes one free topping.

Crafted to perfection, this signature brew offers a unique flavour profile that is both invigorating and soothing, making it the perfect choice for any time of day. Discover the essence of our tea artistry with each sip.

Explore our Snacks selection, featuring crispy Spring Rolls, indulgent Cookies, and savory Crisps. Perfect for pairing or a standalone treat, each bite promises pure satisfaction.

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