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Indian Kebab

31 High Street, Clydach, Swansea, SA6 5LQ

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Cooked with rice & served with a vegetable curry

The above side dishes can be prepared as a main meal, please ask for details

Fried with onions, served with naan, separate salad and a choice of dip: Chilli, Garlic or Mint.

(Upgrade to keema naan, Garlic Naan or Cheese Naan for 80p extra.

Add mushrooms for 70p extra

Add spicy sauce for 50p extra

Add naga for 50p extra)

Chutneys, Papadoms & Dips

Sereved with salad & mint sauce

Herb & Spices Special Dishes

These dishes are specially prepared by our chef and the recipes are unique to the spice hut.

This dishes are not available with the set meal deals.

Authentic & signature dishes

Balti dishes have a unique flavour and aroma, cooked with fresh herbs & roasted ground spices

Rice or Chips not included

(Add mushrooms to any dish 70p extra, add naan to any balti for an extra £2)

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