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Falooda is a cold, sweet beverage made with ose syrup, vermicelli and tapioca seeds. Available in vanilla or kulfi flavour.

All served in large cup with a chocolate of your choice and cream on top.

Comes in a large cup with a brownie of your choice topped with cream.

All drinks 330ml - Red Bull 250ml

Feeling a cake or a milkshake? Why not try a cake shake where you can have 2 in 1! A cake of your choice mixed with a mikshake giving you a taste of both.

All served with warm custard

All cakes per slice

The luxury doughnut collection brings you the warmest, softest luxury doughnuts with sauce and toppings.

All served with whipped cream and a wafer

2 Buttery baked croissants, served with sauce and toppings.

Iced sponge cake, drenched in a luscious blend of cream, condensed milk and evaporated milk with a selection of toppings

Served warm, topped with scoop of vanilla gelato and drizzled with sauce

Change gelato flavour for 50p

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