Himalayan Gurkha

Nepalese Indian

80 Macklin Street, Derby, DE1 1LF

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Note: <strong>Please ask a member of staff if you have any questions regarding the ingredients used in our food & drinks menu before ordering. Some of your dishes have been cooked using vegetable oil produced from GM soya</strong><br />

Nepalese Dishes

All dishes can be made to your desired strength, where possible mild - hot

Himalayan Gurkha Special

Served in a lettuce leaf with pilau rice & naan

Most of tandoori dishes marinated with various Nepalese spices, yoghurt & barbecued in a tandoor (clay oven)

Prawn OR Fish Dishes

Our biryani dishes are prepared with basmati pilau rice with several special spices & fried onions, topped with lightly fried cashews & served with special biryani sauce or raita

Homemade bread

Rice Preparations

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