HNK Marvin

Indian Curry

7 Second Avenue, Clydebank, G81 3BD

Delivery from 15:35

For additional scoops of ice cream, simply click 'select extras' in the basket.

Folded over pizza dough with a layer of cheese & filling of your choice. Meal comes with fries & 0.33L drink

Supper come with fries &0.33L

For separate salad or sauce, simply click 'select extras' in the basket. Meal includes burger which is 1/2 pound with cheese, chicken tikka, onion and jalepeno, fries and a soft can drink. Salad consists of lettuce, tomato, onion, cucumber

Large tortilla wrap with fries, cheese, salad & choice of sauce, all in one. King hoagie served with naan bread instead of tortilla wrap & can serve up to 2 people.

All wraps come with cheese, salad & choice of sauce. Meals come with fries choice of 0.33L drinks

Served with rice, curry sauce & salad. To switch to any other sauce, simply click 'select extras' in your basket.

Curry, rice or chips in same container.

Served on a naan bread in rich & thick sauce, topped with cheese.

Served with fries & fruitshoot 250ml blackcurrant or orange

Kebab, Pizza and Curry Combo

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