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Customise your base: Deep pan or thin crust. Upgrade with stuffed crusts & extra toppings!

08" - 4 Slices (Regular)

10" - 6 Slices (Medium)

12" - 8 Slices (Large)

16" - 10 Slices (X-Large)

Sink your teeth into our juicy burgers, expertly grilled to perfection and loaded with flavourful toppings. All burgers come with crisp lettuce and creamy mayo for an irresistible taste sensation.

Savour our mouth-watering wraps and kebabs, bursting with savoury flavours and served fresh for a delightful dining experience. All wraps include fresh lettuce and mayo for added taste and texture.

Enjoy our delicious pasta creations, crafted with care and bursting with flavour!

Indulge in our vibrant salad selection, bursting with fresh greens, crisp vegetables, and flavourful dressings. A healthy and delicious choice for any mealtime craving.

Complement your meal with our tempting side orders, perfect for adding an extra touch of flavour and satisfaction to your dining experience.

Satisfy little appetites with our tasty kids' meals, specially designed for smiles and happy tummies. Each meal includes small fries and a kids' drink!

Explore our flavourful array of vegetarian-exclusive dishes.

Elevate your dish with our flavourful dips. Enhance every bite with a burst of deliciousness.

Treat yourself to our heavenly desserts, guaranteed to satisfy your sweet cravings and leave you wanting more!

Delight in our selection of Ben & Jerry's ice cream, featuring a variety of flavours to satisfy your cravings and bring a smile to your face!

Enjoy our delicious milkshakes, made with love and bursting with flavour for a truly satisfying sip!

Stay refreshed with our cool and fizzy soft drinks, the perfect companion to any meal or snack.

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