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Chinese Oriental

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Note: If you are allergic to Nuts or Seafood or Any Ingredients etc., Please advise us before placing order.

With Chilli & Garlic

Highly Recommended

Red or Green Curry

Thai Red Curry - Rich Spicy Red Curry Cooked with Herbs and Galangal

Thai Green Curry - Hot Green Curry Cooked with Green Chilli and Coconut Sauce

Stir Fried

Hong Kong Style Dishes

Sweet & Sour Selection

Hong Kong Style & Battered Balls

Traditional Stir Fry Dishes

Mix & Match (Large Container)

Choose your Meat & combine it with your Favourite Sauce to create your favourite Dish

Crispy Noodles £1.50 Extra

Japanese U-don Noodle Dishes

English & Omelette Dishes

Extra Portions & Sweets

Includes Prawn Crackers

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