House of Burgers

Burgers Pizza

822 Shields Road, Newcastle upon Tyne, NE6 4QN

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Best sauce in UK

Best sauce in UK

Served with chips or salad & chilli or garlic sauce

All kebabs are served with a pitta bread, fresh salad or chips with any sauce

100% Vegan chicken

100% Vegan chicken

Cash carry

Served in a brioche bun 6oz handmade stylebeef patty

100% breast

100% Vegan all 1/4lb 1/2lb 3/4lb 4/4lb tower burger 5/5lb.

Lettis, tomato slice, red onion , servis whit sala or no salad opsine.

Free souce on top of burger: mayo, ketcap ,BBQ, burger souce, chilly souce, garlic souce, vegan souce.

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