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Indian Kebab

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Note: Halal


If you have any food allergies, please inform staff prior to ordering

A choice of the following cooked in a thick sweet & sour tangy sauce & served on a wholewheat deep fried pancake

Served in a Chapati wrap with Chips, Cheese, Sauce & Salad

(Sauce & Salad) Separate 50p extra each

Sauce & salad separate 75p extra each

(Small - Pitta,

Large - small Naan,

King - large Naan.

All burgers are served with Salad & relish or burger sauce. Meal comes with chips…..

Served in a Chapati with Sauce & Salad (Sauce & Salad separate 50p extra each)

"My Favourite Pizzas"

The Best Pizza In Town. All Pizzas Are Fresh Base and Served With Cheese. BBQ Sauce, Pakora Sauce or Garlic Base available

Why not create your own pizza?

Tasty folded-over pizza stuffed with cheese and your choice of filling. Served with sauce. All Calzone Pizzas come with chips

Rice or naan bread included. Please leave your comments into comments box thanks

Rice or naan bread included please leave your comments into comments box thanks…

Kormas are a traditional preparation, which vary from one region of India to another. We offer authentically prepared types of korma, each with its own distinctive flavour.

Chicken, Lamb or Vetgetable cooked tenderly in Fried Rice, delicately flavoured with special spices and saffron. Served with curry sauce and salad

All served with rice curry sauce and salad

King prawns, chicken or lamb marinated in a yoghurt base sauce, spiced with our own freshly ground masalas with fresh herbs and cooked evenly on skewers in our clay ovens

Rice not included

All classic curries can be prepared with: Vindaloo, Phaal, Madras - 50p extra

House of India Special:

Chicken, Lamb, Prawn

All served with fruit shoot

Special Value Set Meals

24 Hours notice required

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