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  • Asahi 330ml

    age restriction 18 plus
    Asahi 330ml


  • Tiger 330ml

    age restriction 18 plus
    Tiger 330ml


  • Tsingtao 330ml

    age restriction 18 plus


✨Meal Deals✨

  • uChoose2® Meal Box

    The big value, 2 choice super meal you decide on yourself. Choose one selection from our krave-satisfying beef, chicken, ribs or veg options, plus one from the three rice and noodle options, with your favourite cold drink.

    from £10.45

  • Katsu Curry with Rice

    Add 3 spring rolls or 2 prawns on toast and drinks for an extra cost.

    from £12.75

  • Grilled Chicken with Rice

    Add 3 spring rolls or 2 prawns on toast and drinks for an extra cost.

    from £12.95

  • Braised Beef Udon Soup Noodles

    Braised Beef Udon Soup Noodles

    from £12.95

  • Wings Box

    5 chicken wings, chips or egg fried rice, 6 flavors

    from £8.15

  • Kids Box

    3 batter fried chicken balls, chips or egg fried rice, 4 flavors

    from £8.15


  • NEW! Steamed Bao Buns

    Steamed Bao Buns

    from £0.00

  • NEW! Crispy Pork Won Ton

    Crispy Pork Won Ton


  • NEW! Steamed Pork Sui Mai

    Steamed Pork Sui Mai


  • NEW! Steamed Prawn Dumplings

    Steamed Prawn Dumplings


  • Prawn Crackers

    Thick cut, white, crunchy. Krave-satisfying on their own. But even more so with one of our yummy dipping sauces.


  • Edamame Beans

    Boiled and seasoned with a pinch of salt only. Vegetarian, Vegan.


  • Mini Veg Spring Rolls (6)

    Golden crispy pastry on the outside, piping hot veggie filling inside. Served with sweet chilli sauce. Vegetarian.


  • Minced Prawn on Toast (4)

    Made by our chef, using whole prawns ever so lightly seasoned to create a totally mouthwatering and krave-building flavour. Served with sweet chilli sauce.


  • Batter Fried Chicken (5)

    Our `sweet and sour chicken balls. Seasoned chicken breast cubes, cooked and then stir in crunchy batter. Served with sweet and sour sauce.


  • Smoky Chicken with Salt and Chilli

    Strips of soft, tender chicken breast, golden fried in a perfectly seasoned coating, stir fried with salt and fresh chilli. Spiciness level 1.


  • Crispy Duck

    Top-quality British duck cooked with the i-Krave recipe, served shredded with hoisin sauce, pancakes, cucumber, and spring onions.

    from £14.25

  • Sharing Platter (For 2-3)

    6 mini veg spring rolls, 3 prawn on toast, 4 salt and chilli chicken wings and 6 salt and chilli ribs. Served with sweet chilli sauce. Spiciness level 1.


  • Salt & Pepper Wings

    Salt & Pepper Wings


  • Chicken Dumplings (4)

    Chicken Dumplings (4)



  • Chicken Sweetcorn Soup

    Warm and creamy, with kravy chicken bits and corn creamed just about to perfection.


  • Hot and Sour Soup

    Spicy and tangy thick soup with mixed meat (roast pork, chicken and prawn) or a selection of vegetables. Spiciness level 2.



  • Sweet & Sour Chicken Cantonese Style

    Sweet & Sour Chicken


  • Kung Po Chicken

    Stir-fried Chicken with chunky veg in our own aromatic Kung Po sauce with a touch of spice.


  • Chicken Curry

    Tender chicken pieces with veg in our medium spicy curry sauce.


  • Crispy Chicken in Spicy Sauce

    Crispy, golden fried chicken breast, smothered with our special recipe hot spicy sauce. Hot.


  • Chicken in Black Bean Sauce

    Tender chicken pieces in black bean sauce plus a touch of green chilli for spice.



  • Mixed Seafood with Broccoli

    Our i-Krave selection of prawns, mussel meat and squid with broccoli in rich sweet oyster sauce.


  • Salt & Pepper Prawns

    Salt & Pepper Prawns


  • Sweet & Sour Prawns

    Sweet & Sour Prawns



  • Beef in Black Bean Sauce

    Succulent beef, in our own delicious black bean sauce. Spiciness level 1.


  • Crispy Shredded Beef (Popular)

    Fresh top-side beef, prepared to crispy perfection in our unique 5-step way. With our own i-Krave sweet, tangy, spicy sauce. Spiciness level 1. Contains nuts.


  • New - Braised Beef

    Braised beef brisket chunks, cooked until soft and tender, in our medium spicy "slow cooked" sauce.


  • Beef Curry

    Tender beef with veg in our medium spicy curry sauce.


  • Beef in Black Pepper Sauce

    Tender and succulent beef stir fried in thick black pepper sauce, best partner. Spiciness level 2.



  • Spare Ribs

    The Full Flavour of our amazing spare ribs. Stir Fried with salt and fresh chillies or glazed with sticky BBQ sauce.


  • Slow Cooked Pork Belly

    Succulent,melt-in-the-mouth pork belly, smothered in an authentic Chinese sauce.


  • Special Curry (Chicken,Pork,Beef and Prawns)

    Roast pork, chicken, beef and king prawns cooked with veg in curry sauce.


Vegetarian and Vegan ingredients*

  • Mock "Chicken" Vegetarian (SWEET & SOUR OPTION CAONTAINS FISH)

    Soya Bean based vegetarian "chicken", cooked in a sauce of your choice.

    from £10.75

  • Vegetable Curry

    Fresh mixed vegetables, cooked in our medium spicy curry sauce. Vegan.


  • Fried Tofu in Black Bean Sauce

    Chunks of healthy and nutritious tofu, gently wok-fried and coated in our own-recipe black bean sauce. Spiciness level 1. Vegan.


  • Stir Fried Vegetables

    Fresh mixed vegetables, quick stir fried with all the natural goodness locked in. Vegan.



  • Beef Chow Mein

    Beef Chow Mein

    from £8.45

  • Roasted Pork Chow Mein

    Roasted Pork Chow Mein

    from £8.45

  • Chicken Chow Mein

    Chicken Chow Mein

    from £8.45

  • King Prawn Chow Mein

    King Prawn Chow Mein

    from £8.95

  • Mixed Meat Chow Mein

    Mixed Meat Chow Mein

    from £8.95

  • Mixed Vegetables Chow Mein

    Mixed Vegetables Chow Mein

    from £7.65

  • Plain Chow Mein

    Plain Chow Mein

    from £6.95


  • Beef Fried Rice

    Beef Fried Rice

    from £8.45

  • Roasted Pork Fried Rice

    Roast Pork Fried Rice

    from £8.45

  • Chicken Fried Rice

    Chicken Fried Rice

    from £8.45

  • King Prawn Fried Rice

    King Prawn Fried Rice

    from £8.95

  • Mixed Meat Fried Rice

    Mixed Meat Fried Rice

    from £8.95

  • Mixed Vegetables Fried Rice

    Mixed Vegetables Fried Rice

    from £7.65

Extra Kraves

  • Salt Chilli Chips

    Salt Chilli Chips


  • Chips



  • Plain Chow Mein

    Plain Chow Mein

    from £6.95

  • Egg Fried Rice

    Egg Fried Rice

    from £4.35

  • Plain Boiled Rice

    Plain Boiled Rice

    from £3.75

  • Dipping Sauce

    Dipping Sauce 4oz tub

    from £1.25


  • Tropical Smoothie

    Mango, Pineapple, Apple Juice


  • NEW! Strawberry & Banana

    Strawberry, banana and apple juice.


  • Coconut Smoothie

    Coconut milk, banana, pineapple


Cold Drinks

  • Water (500ml)


  • Diet Coke (330ml)


  • Coke (330ml)


  • Fanta Orange (330ml)


  • 7up (330ml)


  • Vimto (330ml)



  • Chocolate Cake

    Moist. Chunky. Delicious. It’s a chocolate cake for serious dessert kraving.



Sunday, 02 June 2024
asked for no veg in curry, still came with veg in
Wednesday, 15 May 2024
Not the usual quality the mussels smelt and tasted extremely fishy like extra strong sea water and there was barely any broth in it. Very underwhelming not sure if ownership has changed and less substance of flavour / quality but extra cost.
Tuesday, 14 May 2024
Sunday, 05 May 2024
Wednesday, 24 April 2024
Sunday, 21 April 2024
Food ok though portions of main items for cost not what expected. Duck pancakes missing hoisin sauace
Sunday, 21 April 2024
absolutely terrible portion sizes. Charge £10 for a medium size fried rice and ridiculously small portions. Same goes to rest of the order. Have to search for chicken pieces in the box. Worse ever place to order Chinese.
Monday, 08 April 2024
Sunday, 07 April 2024
Tuesday, 02 April 2024

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Chinese is such a popular 'go to' food option. I-Krave Chinese Kitchen provides a great selection of all your favourite Chinese dishes. Whether it's a quick meal to feed the family or a night in front of the TV, all you need to do is tap the app for a tasty dinner to appear (as if by magic). After you have eaten, we'd love to get your feedback on our food and service at www.just-eat.co.uk

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