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Ice 32 Desserts & Milkshakes

Desserts, Milkshakes

9 Edge Lane, Stretford, M32 8HN

Delivery available on orders of £10 and over (delivery fee £1)


3.6 stars out of 6 3.6 / 6
Food quality 3.6
Delivery time 3.8
Service 3.4

Based on the 16 most recent reviews

16 reviews of Ice 32 Desserts & Milkshakes

  • 02/08/2019
    4.5 stars out of 6
    Everything is amazing but maybe for in the future you should maybe consider adventuring into a tracking system as the customer can track their order
  • 31/07/2019
    3.5 stars out of 6
    I ordered the food and said I wanted to pay by cash. However, the delivery driver, who was very nice, didn't have change and he had to go to get my change for me. After about 30 minutes I knew I wasn't going to get my change and accepted that I was going to have to lose over £2. The food was okay although they decided to put a hot dessert under a cake with cream and needless to say, the cream had melted into a sticky mess. Never mind.
  • 26/07/2019
    3 stars out of 6
    We were told 35-50 minutes and it arrived in 60 minutes. One of the waffles hasn’t been transported properly and the contents was all over the box.
  • 20/07/2019
    2 stars out of 6
  • 20/07/2019
    2.5 stars out of 6
    I asked for cookie dough and got cookies 😩
  • 19/07/2019
    1 stars out of 6
    Food was sub par, worst desert place I've ever ordered from, the "cookie dough" is three poor quality cookies that I was charged 5.20 for, my drinks didn't arrive, avoid this place it's garbage, my food was late and cold and melted by the time it came.
  • 18/07/2019
    1 stars out of 6
  • 14/07/2019
    1 stars out of 6
    Worst place I've ever ate from. Cheese cake carrot cake and the donuts ordered were the worst we've ever had.
  • 12/07/2019
    1.5 stars out of 6
    Very disappointed with our order. First of all it was really expensive for the little amount of food we got and secondly when our cookie dough arrived it was basically melted and looked like porridge, not to mention the very small serving. Thirdly we ordered one regular milkshake and one large milkshake varying in price however when they arrived they were the same size. We would not recommend.
  • 11/07/2019
    2 stars out of 6
    Disappointed in my most recent order. It was over an hour late and then the mint chocolate brownies turned out to be rice crispie cakes with a melted aero on top.. the carrot cake shake didn’t taste great either.
  • 11/07/2019
    6 stars out of 6
    10/10 only issue could of been more ice cream !
  • 11/07/2019
    6 stars out of 6
  • 07/07/2019
    6 stars out of 6
  • 06/07/2019
    6 stars out of 6
  • 05/07/2019
    5.5 stars out of 6
    Great portions and absolutely delicious desserts. Food arrived on time. Thank you!
  • 04/07/2019
    6 stars out of 6
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Delivery available on orders of £10 and over (delivery fee £1)

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