Ichiban Sushi Teppanyaki

Japanese Asian

25A High Street, Newtownards, BT23 7HS

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Main Course

All includes miso soup, egg fried rice or steam rice or noodles and hibachi vegetable

Sushi nigiri is a small portion of vinegared rice topped with raw fish shellfish or other toppings

3Pcs per order

Cone Shape (1 Piece)

3 Pcs per order

(5 Slices)

6 Pieces

Inside out rice and seaweed rolls with a variety of fillings and special sauce

Starters: Miso Soup, 4 Pcs Japanese Spring Rolls, 2 Pcs Chicken Gyoza/Dumplings

8 Pieces

Large bowl of sticky rice served with miso soup, with a choice of toppings and seasonal vegetables.

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