Ikanji Japanese Restaurant

Oriental Noodles

14 - 16 Walliscote Road, Weston-super-Mare, BS23 1UG

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A style of cooking in which chicken, seafood & vegetables are fried in a light delicate batter until crispy and golden brown. Served with homemade ginger soya sauce.

All served with rice, salad & vegetable tempura.

A classic Japanese curry finished with seasonal garnishes.

Thin slices of raw fish served with wasabi, pickled ginger & soya sauce. (5 Pieces).

Roll of vinegared rice with a filling wrapped in seaweed.

an assorted sushi, sashimi and maki platter for sharing.

Omakase, special dishes selected by the chefs, served with creamy crab salad. Suitable for two.

Freshly prepared, cooked & served before your very eyes by our master chef. All teppanyaki dishes are accompanied by seasonal grilled vegetables and creamy potatoes.

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