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Note: Allergies

some of our menu items contain nuts, seeds and other allergens. traces of these may be in any other food served here. if you suffer form any allergies or have a dietary requirement then please tell us before you order.

Deliveries : Delivery times given are estimates, deliveries may take longer, we kindly ask that you be patient, as we cook all meals with great care and guarantee satisfaction. If you encounter any problems with your order then we ask that you call us within 20mins

of receiving your order and will do all we can to rectify the problem. We do not give refund. Deliveries outside our radius can be made at managers discretion - please ask before you order. It is your responsibility to check the distance for delivery from our takeaway and notify us if you fall outside our 3 miles radius when placing our order. Deliveries can be/will be refused if not notified when placing your order. Minimum order value excludes drinks.

*Offers cannot be used in conjunction with another. All prices and offers are subject to change.

We do not accept cheque payments, only cash or Credit/Debit Card : minimum transaction of £10)

Served with salad and mint sauce.

All grilled in the tandoor and served with salad and mint sauce

These dishes are specially prepared

The strength & taste of every dish is completely different from each other

Preparation of saffron basmati rice. Served with a vegetable curry sauce and salad

Cooked with ghee (Indian butter) in a tomato and onion based sauce.

Garnished with coriander. Served to a hot, medium strength.

(Served with salad, mint sauce and chips)

The following selection are served in two small containers enabling you to sample two curries.

Served with a portion of pilau rice.

Dishes can be substituted for another - any two only.

Substitute excludes Speciality Dishes and Biryani Dishes.

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