India Gate

Indian European Halal

Albany House ,73-75 Great Victoria Street, County Antrim, BT2 7AF

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Note: If your favourite dishes are not on our menu please ask a member of staff.

We can make an alternative choice. Thank you.

Some dishes may contain nuts or traces of nuts please let us know if you have any food allergies before placing your order.

All main courses come with boiled/pilau rice or plain naan

All dishes on our menu are freshly prepared and made to order using ingredients from established and respected local suppliers.

We do not use artificial colouring in our kitchen. To prepare our house specialities we grind our own spices to create our very own unique taste.

Our all mains served with boiled rice, pilau rice or plain nan.

Choose your protein and your sauce!

All meats are first marinated in homemade natural yoghurt, herbs and spices to maximise taste and tenderness afterwards, cooked in a traditional clay oven, the tandoor served with a plain curry sauce and pilau rice or plain nan bread.

All of our biryani dishes are cooked with specially selected basmati rice, accompanied with a plain curry sauce

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