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Indian Pizza

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Served with juice and chips

All our pizzas are made using fresh dough prepared on the premises

New healthy base pizzas

2 x 4Oz Grilled Cheeseburger topped with a delicious fillings of your choice.

Large wrap with chips smothered with cheese and a filling of your choice

Calzones Italian Style

Served with kebab sauce

You can get any curry calzone

Having a function?

Why not let us cater for you

3L trays disposable

Large nan with chips smothered with cheese and a filling of your choice

Did you read all about potatoes?

You better!

It's the healthiest option!

Succulent...sizzling! (Cooking time approx 20-25 minutes)

A lightly fried chapati topped with your choice. Fairly sweet & sour taste. Served with side salad

The Connoisseurs Choice

Rice included.

It takes your Indian curry to the next taste level. Everything is cooked to authentic recipes, every ingredient is carefully selected by our award winning masterchef to bring out the best flavours. We are so confident you will enjoy our specialities.

Popular & Favourite Indian Curries

Here is a selection of age-old popular & favourite curries. Now specially prepared in our unique curry style. All these dishes are carefully prepared with fresh ingredients, spices and herbs. 

Rice not included

Available from 4PM - 8PM

Rice not included

Rice not included

We never use animal fat or chicken stock and even use separate utensils for preparing all our vegetarian dishes

Rice not included

Special rice treated with garlic, ginger, special spices and green peas with desired chicken, lamb, beef, prawns or vegetable. Served with curry sauce & salad

All kebabs are served in pitta bread with salad, sauce or garlic mayonnaise

Can you imagine donner kebab, chicken tikka, shish and a mixed kebab served on top of a giant nan?

Prepare to be well fed!

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