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All our tandoori dishes are marinated in yogurt,freshly ground spices and fresh green herbs to give each dish its own unique flavour. Served with salad & mint sauce.

The traditional Indian cuisine cooked with the very best ingredients. Selected herbs & spices. All dishes are cooked individually to create its own unique taste, mild medium or hot to suit your palette.

Traditional dishes from the Bay of Bengal cooked with spices & fresh herbs for an exciting taste & aromatic flavour

Also available in Beef & Prawn

New exclusive dishes

All our vegetarians dishes are specially prepared with fresh exotic vegetables, selected spices & fresh herbs to give a real authentic vegatariam taste ranging from mild to hot.

Medium hot, with oriental spices & fresh herbs.

A South Indian dish with lots of garam spices and herbs, fairly hot with a drop of lemon juice.

Very hot dish strongly flavoured with spices cooked in a rich sauce with potato.

Fairly hot cooked with coconut, fresh herbs & spices

Medium spiced dish cooked with tomato, onion, capsicum and fresh corriander

Medium spiced dish cooked with fried onions, capsicum and fresh

herbs and corriander.

Medium spiced dish cooked with fried tomato, onion, capsicum and fresh herbs

Very mild lightly spiced with coconut & fresh cream.

Lightly spiced cooked with fruit, coconut & cream.

Lightly spiced cooked with fruit, coconut & cream.

Specially prepared with lentils, fairly hot with selected herbs & spices, sweet & sour flavour with pineapple

Fairly hot cooked with oriental spices, sweet and sour garnished

with fresh herbs.

Delicately spiced dish cooked with spinach, crushed garlic and fresh

herbs, garnished with cheese and fresh cream.

A traditional Indian meal cooked with the finest Basmati rice in butter with special herbs and spices with a vegetable curry sauce. A complete meal.

All vegetable dishes are cooked with fresh vegetables and are lightly spiced with fresh herbs and coriander

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