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Indian Curry

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Clay oven dates back to the Mogul Empire period, every dish is carefully prepared with yoghurt, mint and blended Indian herbs & spices. Dry but rich in flavour, served with fresh green salad

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Using a mixture of spice and ingredients that are only to be prepared with the knowledgeable of understanding how to convince different flavour to bring out the aromatic & tantalizing taste of each dish, medium

The Balti is a spicy, exotic medium dish from Gujrat, cooked with our own blend of aromatic balti spice

A very aromatic dish blended with pillau rice, sultana and coconut. A comprehensive dish of delicate character served with a vegetable curry. Suitable for nearly every palate.

The following fresh vegetable dishes are stir-fried with garlic, onion, tomatoes, coriander and light spices

All our biryanis and pilaus are cooked with finest quality basmati rice

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