Indian Tandoori

Indian Curry Halal

48 Muir Street, Motherwell, ML1 1BN

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Note: Some dishes may contain nuts, milk, celery gluten, soya & wheat products.

Please ask a member of staff if not sure.

We also cater for parties

Server with salad

Served in a spicy or sweet and sour sauce

Generally prepared with mild spices but please do not hesitate to ask for medium strength Chicken or Lamb

Folded over pizza lled with the best pizza topping and covered with pizza sauce & a layer of cheese

All served with complementary sauce

All these dishes are marinated 24hrs before cooking in a special charcoal red clay oven.

Served with basmati rice, salad & curry sauce

Dry and lightly spiced dishes, cooked with pilau rice and served with curry sauce


we even separate utensils for preparing our vegetable dishes

Popular Indian Dishes

All curries are medium strength, we only used chopped chicken breast

Our burgers are made from pure meat

All burgers served with chips and can of juice

Our Burger Are Served With Fresh Cut Salad On A Soft Bun

We only use the nest basmati rice

All served with chips & salad

All our kebabs are cooked on charcoal for its ultimate flavour

Served With Pitta Bread, Sauce & freshly Cut Salad

(add cheese on kebab 50p extra)

Salad and sauce separate 30p each

extra sauce tub 50p each

Nan Kebabs Are Served With Nan Bread, Sauce fresh salad

(add cheese on kebab £1.00 extra)

separate sauce & salad 40p each

A large chapati wrap lled with chips, smothered in a layer of cheese, with lashings of donner meat, spicy chicken, or chicken tikka, served with salad & sauce

All served with sauce & salad

(Separate sauce & salad 40p each)

All Served with Chips & Juice

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