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Indian Curry

16b Bell Quadrant, Carfin, ML1 4GN

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Note: Great care is taken to remove bones, however some may remain. Some dishes may contain nut traces. Please alert us of any food allergies when ordering

All naan breads & chapatis contains wheat

All chicken pakora contains egg

Elegant Starters

All served with sauce. We only use chicken breast

Tandoori Sizzlers

Succulent main meal... sizzling (cooking time approximately 25-30minutes)

All served with boiled OR fried rice, salad & curry sauce

We only use 100% chicken breast & 100% Scottish lamb

The Connoisseurs Choice

Taking your Indian curry to the next taste level. Everything is cooked to authentic recipes, every ingredients is carefully selected by our award winning master chef to bring out the best flavours. We are so confident you will enjoy  our specialities. Rice or naan (contains wheat) included

Rice OR naan not included

Hot OR What

Rice OR naan not included

Popular Indian Curries

Here is a selection of age-old popular & favourite curries, all carefully prepared with fresh ingredients, spices & herbs

Rice OR naan not included

We never use animal fat OR chicken stock & even use separate utensils for preparing all our vegetarian dish

Half & Half Express

Served in same container

Rice Harvest

Flour Mill

Contains wheat

Contains milk

Old Poori Favourites

A lightly fries chapati topped with your choice. Fairly sweet & sour taste. Served with side salad

Contains wheat

We only use fresh pizza base, with dough prepared on the premises daily. All pizzas contain milk, soya & gluten

Extra toppings are available

Stuffed crust available for 12" & 16" only

Oven-baked, filled folded pizzas

Contains milk

All kebabs are served with salad & sauce

Add separate salad & sauce for 70p extra

All naan & pitta bread contains wheat

Regular (pitta)

Large (pitta)

American Burgers

Burger buns contain sesame seeds & wheat

Supper includes chips

Meal Deal includes chips & drinks

Contains sesame seeds

Contains wheat

All served with sauce & salad

Add separate sauce & salad for 50p extra

Contains wheat

Large chapatis with chips smothered with cheese & a filling of your choice. Served with salad & sauce on request. Separate salad & sauce for 70p extra

Contains wheat

Served in same container

All served with chips & salad (excludes single fish)

Served with Capri Sun & chips

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