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7" Pizza Dough Stuffed With Medium Spiced Chicken Mince Topped With Cheese & Garnished with Garlic Butter & Dry Herbs Fresh Coriander

Chicken Mince Cooked In Our Unique Tomato Sauce With Pasta and topped with Our Mozzarella Cheese & Baked In The Pizza Oven

All pizzas are available in thin crust, deep pan, stuufed crust & Indiano cheesy bite

Choose your pizza base (Cheese & tomato, BBQ, chilli sauce OR peri peri sauce)

Extra toppings are available

Calzone (Folded Pizza) Stuffed With Your Choice Of Topping & Indiano Tomato Sauce , Cheese , Garnished With Garlic Butter & Sprinkled With Dry Herbs

All Our Beef burgers And Chicken Burgers Are Hand Made And smashed From 100% Beef & Chicken Mixed With Unique Spices to Give You The Best Flavours.

We Have Various Flavoured Wraps , Chicken Tikka wrap, Seekh Wrap.

Stuffed with cheese garnished with garlic butter & herbs

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