Indian Vegan Halal

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(Indigo Chef's Specialities)

Available in the choice of Lamb, Chicken, Prawn or King Prawn.

"It may contain bone"

(Indigo Tandoori)

From the tandoor is a traditional charcoal clay oven of intense dry heat that is used across the Indian subcontinent which gives the food cooked in the tandoor a crisp outer layer without sacrificing the moistness on the inside.

(The Traditional Favourites)

These are the classic Indian curries. The British brought them to Europe, the Malay took them to Africa and Indian took them to Polynesia and the Caribbean. Today you can indulge them in most authentic form right here!

Unique style of cooking in a cast iron pot to create that enhanced flavour, individually paired with fresh herbs

Indigo Biryani Dishes

Biryani dishes are a popular cuisine that is consumed throughout the Indian sub-continent. It is a traditional stir fry of aromatic basmati rice with herbs, spices and other fresh ingredients cooked with either meat, chicken, prawn or vegetables and served with a side sauce of vegetable curry truly, truly gorgeous!

Pure Vegetable Main Dishes

Traditional British meals served with salad and chips

Naan and Other Breads

An Indian meal is not complete without the bread.

You can tear it or us it to mop those too good to leave bits. Along with rice, naan bread is the cornerstone of any real Indian meal. Ours is freshly baked in our traditional tandoor oven.

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