Istanbul Grill & Pizza

Kebab Pizza

99 Ponteland Road, Newcastle upon Tyne, NE5 3AH

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All our pizzas are Hand stretched thin base, the dough is naturally fermented over night, this process makes our pizzas much lighter and easier to digest, our pizzas ore cooked on a mashed pan, this cooking method makes our pizza much Healthier with little or no grease, for the perfection we top our pizzas with our daily freshly prepared homemade tomato sauce

All kebabs served with pitta/fresh naan bread, freshly prepared salad and choice of dip

All our Parmesans are full Parmos , we use fresh chicken breast with homemade spices and top notch ingredients, homemade breadcrumbs and bechamel sauce , topped with mozzarella cheese, served with salad, chips and choice of a dip sauce

All kebabs and parmo wrap served with fresh naan bread, freshly prepared salad or chips and choice of sauce on the wrap

All kids meals served with chips fruit shoot drink 200ml

All our burgers served with freshly prepared salad and chips, optional cheese, tomato,onion, lettuce

Served per slice

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