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Chinese Noodles

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Thick Noodles

Singapore Rice Noodles Dishes

Crispy Deep Fried Shredded Dishes

Sweet & Sour Hong Kong Style Dishes

Cooked with green peppers, carrots, onions & pineapple

Black Bean Sauce Dishes

Cooked with red & green peppers, garlic, onions & red chilli

Black Pepper Sauce Dishes

Cooked with green peppers, carrots & onions

Cooked with bamboo shoots, baby corn, straw mushroom, carrots & cahsew nut

Ginger & Spring Onions Dishes

Cooked with ginger, spring onions, onions & carrots

Cooked with bamboo shoots, mushroom, garlic & carrots

Similar to sweet & sour sauce dish, but spicy

Cooked with water chestnuts, garlic, bamboo shoots & red chilli

Cooked with onions, peas & mushroom

Szechuan Style Dishes

Spicy szechuan sauce with cabbage, green & red peppers, red chilli & chilli bean sauce

Hot Chilli Sauce Dishes

Spicy sauce cooked with green peppers & garlic

Peanut sauce cooked with onions, peppers & pineapple

Yellow Bean Sauce Dishes

Taste sweet & cooked with cashew nuts

Cooked with bean sprouts, carrots, spring onions & tomato sauce

Stir fried mushroom with spring onions, carrots & garlic

Stir Fried Broccoli with Ginger & Sauce Dishes

Mixed Vegetables Dishes

Bamboo Shoots & Water Chestnut Dishes

Scrambled egg

Including chips

Served all day (in large box)

All served in 1 container with Boiled Rice or chow mein or fried rice or Chips

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