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60 St Owen Street, Hereford, HR1 2PU

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Note: With all take away orders you will receive a complimentary accompaniment.

At Jalsagor we believe we have created a restaurant for today & tomorrow, which is traditional and authentic that our helpful staff offer a relaxed atmosphere for the occasion.

We are ready to celebrate if its your first time we endavour you enjoy your visit and we must say it will be memorable and definitely wont be your last. It is truly the place to enjoy the perfect curry class.

An ancient style of cooking which originated from the rugged north west of India. The natural and earthy tone and the vigorous use of the freshest herbs and spices result in in the most colourful and most delicious tandoori dishes

All dishes are decorated on top.

Chicken tikka or lamb tikka is included in all dishes

If you require your curry to be hotter or milder, or need certain adjustments due to allergies or other reasons then this can be arranged. Please speak to a member of staff. Thank you

These dishes are of North Indian origin. Cooked with delicate spices and herbs in an iron skillet. A most popular dish in the Midlands. Any vegetable can be included with any balti on request for an extra 50p per balti

The finest basmati rice treated in clarified butter with a touch of mild eastern spices and herbs. Complimented by fresh vegetable curry sauce. Served medium or to your desired strength

Served with fresh green salad and chips

Served with fresh green salad and chips

All rice dishes include Tilda basmati rice

All classic Indian breads are cooked in the tandoori

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