Jas’s German doner

Kebab Pizza

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All our parmesans are chicken breast coated in a spice special breadcrumbs coating topped with bechamel sauce , mozzarella cheese , served with chips & salad

Served with choice of Bubbles.

Extra scoop of bubbles £1.00

Included rich or Nan

(Please note down in notes)

Served With Chips

100% Protein

All Burgers include Sauce and Salad (option available)

Anything with Double Slice £1 Extra

Handmade, 8OZ

German Donner is an Authentic German Kebab and pure healthy option, Contain best meat in the world

Small Kebabs are Served with Pita Bread, Salad and Sauce

Large with German Bread, Salad, Sauce and King served with Naan Breed, Salad and Sauce or Garlic Sauce

Extra Cheese £1.50 - Salad Sauce Separate £1 extra

Flame Griller to perfection with 3 tasty

flavours to choose from

Make it a Meal with Fries, Drink and Dip for an Extra £2

With Chips and Cheese Salad and Sauce Optional

All served with Chips and Tub of Juice

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