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Note: We use ingredient 100% Gluten free on all our dishes. However, as we work in a shared kitchen, there might be some cross contamination. If you are uncertain of allergens ask a member of staff.

Option with Cheese or no Cheese, Salad and Sauce (Chilli or Garlic)

Served with chips

Option for Sauce (Kebab/Garlic)

All burgers include sauce and salad (option available) Anything with Double Slice £1 Extra

(Homemade) (60z)

(German Donner is an Authentic German Kebab and pure healthy option, Contain best meat in the world) Small kebabs are served with Pita Bread, salad and Sauce or Garlic Sauce, Large with German bread, salad and sauce or Garlic Sauce and king served with Naan bread, salad and Sauce or Garlic or Garlic Sauce (Extra Cheese £1.50)-(Salad Separately50p extra, Sauce Separate 50p Extra) All kebabs have options for sauce or salad

Served chips and cheese Salad and Sauce Optional. Separate salad 50p Separate Sauce 50p Extra Cheese £1.50

Melted cheese and tomato salsa in a tasty tortilla

Choose from: White Chocolate, Milk Chocolate, Triple Chocolate

Sauce: White Chocolate R Nutella

Included any 1 sauce and topping

All served with Chips and tub of juice

Crystal bars

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