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Indian Curry

845 York Road, Leeds, LS14 6AA

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Note: Please Note : Our dishes contain nuts; Please ask for any special dietary requirements

All our starters are served with fresh salad & mint sauce

The Tandoori is a traditional clay oven in which skewered meat & chicken is cooked over glowing charcoal. Tandoori dishes are highly recommended, the unique flavours of the Tandoori cuisine have become as popular & well loved in recent times here in the UK - as they have been

Balochistan, the home of the Balti Dish is the northern most area of Pakistan. In recent times Balti dishes have become extremely popular. Traditionally Balti food is prepared with special fresh herbs & spices (Dishes Contain Nuts)

Delicate & Mild

Royal Biryani Dishes

Basmati rice with herbs & spices flavoured with nuts, sultanas & served with a vegetable curry sauce

Vegetable/Vegetarian Dishes

Jinnah only use the finest of fresh vegetables

All grill are served with separate salad & mint sauce

Ice Cream + Cake

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