Indian Curry

1163 Govan Road, Glasgow, G51 4RQ

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We use fresh deep pan bases. All our pizzas are made to order using only the choices ingredients.

All our pizza bases use kababish special pizza sauce.

All served with free juice

All served with curry sauce, salad & a choice of Rice or Nan bread

All served with curry sauce

All include Rice or Naan Bread

Available in Prawn £1 extra, King Prawn £1.50 extra

With chips salad & sauce

Separate salad & sauce 60p extra each. Add cheese £1.00 extra

Serve with salad & sauce. Separate salad & sauce for 50p extra each. Add cheese £1.50 extra. Garlic Nan £1.50 extra

Extra Cheese £1.50

Extra Cheese £1.50

All served with salad, sauce, cheese & chips

Served with salad & sauce

Supper comes with chips and a choice of salad & sauce

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