Indian Curry

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Note: All main dishes please order rice separately

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All oven starters are marinated in a mild special sauce then barbacued in tandoori oven

Tandoori Main Dishes

All tandoori chicken are marinated in special herbs and spices, cooked on skewers in clay oven, Served with salad , Our sizzler tandoori dishes are dry dishes (with naan extra £2.00)

House Specialties

Chef's Recommendations served with pilau rice

Medium dishes cooked with fried basmati rice

together chicken, lamb, vegetable or prawn in

a vegetable ghee with sultana, and almond

with special spices, served with vegetable curry

highly recommended for begginers

(Medium) sauce produced from a

wide renge of balnced spices

Kahmir DIshes

(Very mild) fresh banana mixture of cream,

coconut & producing a very mild creamy texture

Fairly hot dish, one of the most popular curries, Madras cuisine creates a rich sauce

Malaya Dishes

Very mild dish, thin sliced pineapple mixture of cream, coconut & producing a very mild creamy texture

Very hot dish, created with red chillis , mustard oil & potatoes

Rogan Dishes

Medium with tomatoes, mustard oil and fresh coriander are blended together to produced this dish from Bengal

Fairly hot, thicken with coconut fakes for a thik favour with some lemon juice

Fairly hot, a sweet, & sour creamy dish, using fresh lemon juice & lentils to create a tangy favour

Very mild, a mixture of cream, coconut & spices, producing a very mild, creamy texture

Fairly Hot, a dish lighly spiced with a sweet, & sour taste with tomatoes

Cooked with favoured spicy onions, green peppers, & balti paste, medium hot

Medium hot, a dry yet very tasty curry created from onion and tomato, from the Punjab region of India

Dupiaza Dishes

Cooked with well spiced onion and green pepper, medium hot

Curry with Vegetable Dishes

Vegetable Side Dishes

Cooked with fresh Vegetable

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