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Note: Allergy notice - our handmade cookie dough contains traces of milk, nuts, eggs & other allergens. Please speak to a memeber of staff for further info.

Scoops of our fresh handmade cookie dough

Our handmade, flavoured cookie dough but baked, the 8 flavours are actually infused with the cookie dough during the baking process. We don't do what other dessert outlets do, they give you a plain cookie dough and drench it in sauce. Our baked cookie dough is completely unique to the rest. Comes with a tub of our premium vanilla ice cream.

Shake it up with one of our cookie dough shakes!

Our Belgian Waffles are freshly made in store everyday, just choose your flavour and enjoy!

Choose a combo of flavours for your baked cookie dough/waffles!

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