Karachi Tandoori

Indian Pizza

189 Blackness Road, Dundee, DD1 5PH

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Note: Any delivery orders placed which have the wrong address and have to be delivered to another address which is not the same as on the order slip will  be charged and additional £2.50 at the door to be paid cash only thanks.

Clay oven barbecued dishes

Served with accompaniments of rice, crisp salad and a tandoori sauce of your desired strength

Cooked with basmati rice and accompanied with vegetable curry

Rice not included

Rice not included

All baltis are medium to hot

Balti dishes originated from the Afgan. The Balti style of cooking differs from the traditional curry in that they are slowly stir-fried in clay pans producing a drier, hot and spicy homestyle flavour.

Rice not included

Clay Oven

All Kebabs are served with salad, sauce & pitta bread.

Separated salad and sauce extra 30p

Wrapped on naan bread

Fresh vase pizza dough with homemade sauce and 100% mozzarella cheese

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