Kashmir Continental

Indian Pizza

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Extra toppings are available (not available for Margherita)

Cheese stuffed crust £2.00 extra not available for 09" pizza

All ham is turkey

Substitute for garlic butter is margarine

Folded pizza

Garlic butter is margarine

Served in fresh naan or pitta with salad & choice of sauces

Salad & sauce are free of charge but if you prefer separate salad & sauces, we charge them separately

Served with salad & choice of sauce. Adding chips with burger £1.30 extra

Served with salad & choice of sauces

English & Continental

Served with salad & chips

Marinated in yoghurt sauce mixed with specially prepared herbs & spices, slowly cooked on skewers in a tandoor. Served with salad & mint sauce

Kashmir Specialities

This dish is cooked in our special prepared & delicately flavoured sauce consisting of almond powder & mixed dried fruit


Cooked with green chilli, garlic, egg & onion

Medium hot

Cooked with fresh tomatoes, capsicums, garlic, green chilli, fresh coriander & special mix spices

Sweet & sour. Cooked with pineapple, lentil, fresh cream & lemon juice

Sweet. Cooked with fresh cream almond powder & coconut to create a delicate flavour & creamy texture

Cooked in mustard oil with tomatoes, garlic, ginger & topped with fried onion, tomatoes, green pepper & ketchup


Cooked with tomatoes, onion, methi & coriander


Cooked in an abundance of deep fried onion, tomatoes & coriander


Spinach cooked with tomatoes, garlic, onion & capsicums with special spices

Medium hot

Cooked with fried fenugreek leaves

Medium hot

Cooked with garlic, special spices & mixed vegetable topped with fresh lemon

Medium hot

Fairly hot, having a great proportion of tomato puree & hot spices providing a fiery hot taste with its richness


Cooked with fresh ginger, garlic & extra hot chilli powder to make this especially hot

Very hot

Cooked with lots of garlic, ginger & chilli

Extremely hot

Cooked in special spices topped with fried onion, tomatoes, green pepper & garlic

Medium hot

Cooked in double cream with ground almonds & light spices


This dish is prepared by frying peas, sultanas, almond flakes in a specially prepared spice oil then cooked in rice & topped with a fried egg


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