Kashmir Grill Peri Peri

Peri Peri Chicken Halal

666 Eglinton Street, Glasgow, G5 9RP

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All our burgers served with cheese, lettuce and mayo.

On Choice: Cucumber, tomato, onion

On choice: Cucumber, tomato & onion

Meal (Chips & Juice)

Fresh tomato base

Extra topping (veg, chicken, lamb, mince) £1 extra

All our kebabs served with salad, sauce and pitta bread.

Separate salad sauce £1.00 extra

Separate salad sauce £1.00 extra

Served with fresh chips and salad



Served with chips and kids juice

Grilled chicken coated in peri peri sauce served with salad

Flavours: medium or hot

Meal (Rice or Chips) Drink included

All our wraps served with lettuce and mayo

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