Kathmandu Palace

Nepalese Indian

10 Bradbourne Lane Ditton, Aylesford, ME20 6PA

Delivery from 16:45

Note: Some dish may contain Nuts or Dairy products.

If you have any kind of allergy, please inform the member of staff, when placing your order.

Nuts, Soya, Crustaceans, Gluten, Fish, Sesame, Dairy, Mustard

We reserve the right to exclude certain areas.

All our food is cooked to order so please let us know if you have limited time to enjoy you meal.

We also deliver beer, wine & soft drinks on food order over £20

Please ask member of staff while placing your order

Please be aware that its illegal to sell alcohol to anyone under the age of 18 and you may have your ID checked on delivery.

Poultry & Meat Specialities

Vegeterian Main Specialities

Saffroni Biryani Specialities

(Served with a portion of vegetable sauce)

Biryani is traditionally cooked with rice and meat or vegetables. These are cooked separately and brought together, resulting in a dish of contrasting flavours of basmati rice and intensely flavoured meat or vegetables.

Vegeterian Side Specialities

Naan Bread, Raitha & Salads

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