Kebab Cartel

Kebab Burgers

Front Street Camperdown, Newcastle upon Tyne, NE12 5UT

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Note: *For any allergen information, please call allergen number

Out new special meal deals to help the cost of living for our loyal customers

Our range of Sunday dinners only available on Sunday from 11am till they run out

Only available in 12 inch

Two super think basses that have garlic and mozzarella cheese between them then topped with the pizza of choice topping

Our new range of dough balls

Sizzler kebabs are a marinated kebab with fried onions peppers and chicken shawrma and chips all mixed in and infused with the sauce of choice and a fresh naan bread served in a 9 inch pizza aluminium box

All kebabs come with salad or chips and are available with wrap or naan bread.

Our healthy option schwarma bowls come with a generous helping of chicken schwarma available in a choice of 2 delicious flavours, finely chopped salad, corn on the cob, houmous and a special yogurt jalapeno sauce.

Our new street food flavour infused rice bowls

Our new rang of mashed fries flavours from all over the world

Our range of sauces

Our selection of Mexican street food at the kebab cartel

Our new chicken wings specials

We have started to add deserts to our menu more coning soon.

Japanese imported drinks

Range of American sodas 355mil cans

Pickle in a pouch different flavours

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