Kebab City

Kebab Indian Halal

643 Dumbarton Road, Glasgow, G11 6HZ

Delivery from 19:10

All served with salad & sauce

All served with curry sauce, fried rice & salad

These dishes are generally prepared with mild spices


Served with rice or naan

All biryani are served with curry sauce & cooked in basmati rice & garnished with traditional spices

We only serve the finest basmati rice

Stuffed crust & extra topping are available. Choose your base

Fancy an extra bite of spice? Add fresh chillies or jalapenos 50p extra

10" = Regular

12" = Large

16" = Family

All calzone come topped with sauce, cheese, tub of chilli sauce & side salad

Compared to the rest, we are the best. All Turkish kebabs are served with salad & sauce (for salad & sauce 40p extra)

All meals served with salad, sauce, chips

Tortilla wrap with chips & cheese

Extras are available

Filled wrap with chips & cheese

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