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125a Firs Avenue, Cardiff, CF5 3TL

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Note: Allergy Advice

If you suffer from a food allergy or intolerance please tell a member of staff when you place your order.

All served with choice of fresh salad, sauce and pitta bread. On request free naan bread with kebab

Served with aluminium tray with chips, meat, melted cheese in oven, served with choice of salad and sauce

100% Fresh dough. All our pizzas are made with fresh dough and ingrediants. On request choice of BBQ base

All served with choice of salad and sauce wrapped in tortilla

All platters served with chips or rice or half and half with separate salad and separate sauce with fresh nan bread (inside the box)

Served in a bun with choice of salad and sauce on request

Cubes of fresh meat marinated and barbecued on a frame grill. Served with naan bread and a choice of salad and sauce. On request pitta bread instead of naan bread

With chips, carton of drink 100ml, (Raspberry or Cola) and lolly

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