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Kebab Pizza

463 Endike Lane, Hull, HU6 8AG

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Adults need around 2000 kcal a day. Equal to 8400 kJ.

Any pizza can be folded calzone style

Stuffed crust & extra topping are available

Served with fresh salad & sauces separate.  Comes with chagrilled mushrooms and peppers

Served with salad & sauce

All burger are chargrilled & served with salad & tomato sauce, relish, BBQ sauce OR garlic mayo

Served with chips

Served with chips & salad

Chinese style, all served with chips & salad

Chicken strips & popcorn

Parma chicken

A quarter of the finest chicken marinated in our own sauce, topped with mozzarella cheese & served with salad, chips, garlic mayo OR BBQ sauce

Ye Salads

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