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Kebab Chicken Halal

745 Oxford Road, Reading, RG30 1JA

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Note: Food allergy notice

Please be aware that some of our dishes might contain traces of allergens. For further information, please refer below:

•Lamb donner: Soya, wheat, gluten, nuts

•Burger bun: Wheat sesame seeds

•Wrap tortillas: Wheat

•Onion rings: Wheat

•Chicken burger: Wheat, gluten, celery

•Veggie burger: Wheat, milk, mustard

•Beef burger: Wheat, soya, gluten

•Chicken tikka pizza topping: Milk, soya, gluten

•Spicy beef pizza topping: Mustard, milk (lactose), wheat (gluten)

•Ham pizza topping: Soya

•Pepperoni pizza topping: Milk

•Fry chicken (breading): Wheat, celery

•Pizza dough: Wheat

•Pitta bread: Wheat

•Hummus (sauce): Sesame seeds

•Burger sauce: Egg, mustard, mayonnaise, egg

Free on order over £20 you will get free chicken wings & chips

All kebabs are served with salad, sauce & fresh naan

Served with salad, sauce & fresh naan

Served with salad & sauce

Served with salad & sauce

All offers are in conjunction with any other offer

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