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Note: 5 Stars rating awarded by the Food Standards Agency and your local authority. Allergy Awareness: Some of the items on the menu may contain the following: gluten, eggs, crustaceans, fish, wheat, nuts, sesame, dairy, mustard, peanuts, food colouring etc. If you have any allergies we strongly advise to clarify your dietary requirements with a member of staff

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All starters served with fresh salad & mint sauce

Our tandoori dishes are marinated overnight with fresh herbs, yoghurt and special spices before being barbecued in our clay oven to achieve a real taste of North India. Served with fresh salad and mint sauce.

Our most popular dish. The masala is prepared with a variety of mild spices, almonds, coconut, plum tomatoes and fresh cream to our own recipe. Mild and sweet. Must Try!

Traditional mild & sweet dish cooked with coconut, fresh cream & almonds. Very popular

At Kenton Spice we are proud to present to you our new Vegan Menu!

The following dishes are specially prepared with fresh vegetables in a mild, medium or hot spice.

All biryani dishes are lightly spiced & cooked with basmati rice & served with choice of raita, vegetable curry or curry sauce

Medium spiced dish with a rich sauce

Medium spiced dish cooked with special herbs & select spices, ginger, garlic, onions, spring onions, green pepper & tomatoes

Cooked with onion, spring onion, tomatoes & green chillies

Medium OR fairly hot

Balti dishes are cooked in a cast iron kashmir pan with light ginger, tomatoes, onions with freshly grounded spices & our own balti sauce, creating a richer & distinctive flavour

Hot dish with an exotic blend of fresh spices

Made with minced lamb which is aromatically spiced

Cooked with semi fried onions, peppers, fresh herbs & spices

Medium spiced juicy dish with garlic, fresh tomatoes & coriander

Medium hot, sweet & sour sauce cooked with lentils

Sweet & sour, fairly hot with fresh tomatoes

Very hot dish cooked with diced potatoes

Medium spiced, cooked in a variety of spices

A traditional dish cooked with spinach, onions, garlic, ginger & green pepper in mild, medium or hot spices

Mild or medium spiced dish with fenugreek leaves

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