Kimji Korean Restaurant (Ramsbottom)

Korean Asian

41 Bolton Street Ramsbottom, Bury, BL0 9HU

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Note: Food allergies and intolerances. Some of our foods contain allergens. Please speak to member of staff for more information. All prices marked are in pound sterling.

All noodle soups are cooked in soy and miso broth. Glass noodles are made from gluten-free sweet potato starch with a springy and light texture. Udon are thick noodles made from wheat.

Thin slices of meat or vegetables marinated in a delicious blend of in-house sweet and savoury marinade. Served with steamed rice, lettuce and traditional Korean dipping sauce.

Dolsot bibimbap: steamed rice served in a traditional heated stone bowl, topped with various sauteed seasoned vegetables, egg yolk and chilli paste. The heat from the bowl cooks the egg yolk when mixed and creates a crispy layer of rice.

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